Who We Are - Youth Charity

We recognise that there are many factors which can place young people and their families at increased risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, crime or becoming a victim of crime. We take a person-centred approach, building on strengths and providing positive ‘life chances’ to help them thrive.

Our Vision

To create safer communities where young people feel inspired and empowered to reach their potential

Our MIssion

Motiv8 supports young people and their families in the community, building trusting relationships to help equip them with the skills, resilience and opportunities to thrive


Our core values are the principles by which Motiv8 drives its day to day business helping young people and their families.

We work with openness, honesty and integrity, building Trusted Relationships through compassionate, approachable, flexible and reliable interaction.

We strive to provide the best Quality in our work through our professionalism and are committed to continually looking at how we can improve our services.

Using a Collaborative approach we actively work together with the community, young people, families, and our partners to achieve the very best outcomes.

We believe in supporting communities and individuals, Empowering them to realise their abilities and potential, doing with and not for.

We are Persistent and never give up. When things are difficult we look for solutions, we drive ourselves and others to reach for their dreams and goals.

Our Strategic Goals

Our Impact

Bringing about lasting change for Young People, Families and the Community
  • Embedded in local communities, with a trusted long-term presence
  • Increased focus on prevention and early help
  • Deliver safe, high quality and flexible provision


For young people, families and communities to thrive
  • Distinctive service offer which is person centred, holistic and accessible
  • Strengthen collaboration and partnerships to provide services that are innovative, dynamic, responsive and flexible
  • Enhance and strengthen our support for young people to engage in education, training and employment

Build Resiliance & Sustainability

To be here for the future and increase social impact
  • Embed robust, sustainable and mixed funding model
  • Harness digital technologies to work smarter and make the best use of resources
  • Capture the impact of our services and demonstrate the value of our work
  • Board of trustees to ensure the effectiveness of the organisation in line with it’s mission, aims and strategic objectives

Strategic Plan

To view our Strategic Plan, please click on the link below