D of E


Be inspired to venture out of the house with #DofE🏅.

Take the opportunity to develop your skills, make new friends and have lots of fun!🎉

You may be closer to some of the awards than you think. Part of achieving a bronze award could include your Cycle to College or School! If you play sports such as Football or take part in community activities that goes towards it too.⛺️🗺

You can achieve your award by taking part in activities including volunteering, physical activities, skills, residential and expedition. In these photo's a team choose kayaking as their mode of transport!🛶

🥉Bronze 14+ Years old
🥈Silver 15+ Years old

You can drop into a support session at The Stacey Centre, Wallsall Road,
PO3 6ON.
Thursdays – Time:6:00-7:00pm
Ages 13-18
Or get in touch info@motiv8south.org.uk

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