COVID 19 update

We recognise that young people and families will continue to face a number of challenges emerging from this difficult period. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be considering and progressing plans to safely increase our face-to-face mentoring support in line with Government guidance. We are working closely with our young people, families, partner schools, community safety teams, and other support services to adapt so that we can give the right support across our local communities, to be there when young people need it most, ensuring they have the opportunities they need to thrive. To read the full statement please visit our newsletter page


We know this is a confusing time for us all, whether you are a grown up or a little one all the information can be overwhelming! 💥

That’s why this book is so great to help explain Coronavirus to younger children in a way that they can understand and process 📖

⬇️ Below is a link to a copy of the free, downloadable book ‘Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus’ 🐶🦉…/

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