Our Services

Our approach is community based and creates the conditions for young people and families to access support at different stages of their journey. We work with young people, aged 9 – 19 years old, and up to the age of 25 for young people living with learning difficulties and disabilities. We provide safe spaces, with trusted adults, to help young people and families develop skills, tools and resilience to overcome challenges. 

Each young person and family’s situation is unique and may require a different type or length of support. Our approach provides flexibility and
allows young people and families the opportunity to remain engaged and access ongoing support. They may return to sharpen their skills, if required, as we recognise there may be further setbacks on their life journey




We offer individual mentoring and family support to empower young people and families. We can take support to them, at home or in the community, to provide practical and emotional help, building trusting relationships, to help them overcome the challenges they face.

“It has made me view the relationship with the children from a different perspective and given me the tools and confidence to make positive changes.” 

Single mum of four children aged 7 – 17 years

We provide opportunities for group support work, in safe places, around particular issues or themes. Through building these connections, we enable people to learn and engage with each other, helping to explore different challenges they face.

“These students do not reach the criteria of behaviour interventions, as their needs are more confidence based and therefore often miss out on support. This Motiv8 peer support programme about emotional health and well-being is just what these young people need and it is great to see them all so engaged.” 

Year 8 teacher commenting after a 10 week targeted peer group support programme for 12 students aged 12 and 13

Grounded in the heart of local communities, we provide regular opportunities for engagement. Through detached outreach and street based work, we actively provide support in the young people’s own environment.
Our education and training programme, provides individual and group development programmes which gives young people opportunities to access education and employment.

“I really enjoy attending Motiv8 MUSIC project as it gives me a safe space to hang out with my friends and it is somewhere to get help and support when I need it.” 

Baileigh – aged 17

“I like coming to Motiv8 because the staff are always helpful and supportive. I know that I can always talk to the staff if I have any issues.” Liam – aged 17