✨ Here is this weeks creative writing challenge, complete with tips set out by our support worker Clare! ✨
Step 1: write your story using our challenge 📝
Step 2: send us your story via inbox or through your support worker 📩
Step 3: We will send you some gifts to help inspire your next… More

Image may contain: text that says "Creative writing challenge See what stories you can come up with by using the following sentence as your starting point. You can go in any direction you like, just as long as this sentence is where your story begins... was late in the evening and even though was so tired, managed to dust myself off go straight back The story you create can any length and, for those of you who manage to use each of the words, there will be prizes!"Image may contain: text that says "Clare's creative tips What location could you be in? Is your character the same age as you, or are they older/younger? young Have you ever experienced something where you have had to try again, despite being so tired? If so, maybe you could draw from that experience and use it as inspiration for this writing challenge. 0 Happy Writing!"